Paquete de 10 filtros AVIRO de 2.5PM
PM2.5 AVIRO Filters these carbon filters sell in a pack of 10 and are one size fits all.

Paquete de 10 filtros AVIRO de 2.5PM

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PM2.5 filters are disposable inserts made up of five layers of cloth, including two layers of melt-blown blown cloth and one layer of activated carbon cloth to provide excellent filtration.

What is melt-blown?
Has electrostatic properties capturing microscopic particulates such as chemicals, soil, smoke, dust or allergens. There are two layers in every filter.

What is activated carbon?
Traps particulates via a process called adsorption, it also serves as an antibacterial. There is one layer in every filter.

Disposable PM2.5 filters are flat, taking up less space than standard respirators. They can be used continuously for 16-24 hours (around 1-2 weeks of occasional use), or whenever it becomes harder to draw a breath.

AVIRO's certified PM2.5 filter's used in conjuction with HeiQ Viroblock face mask offers you superior protection when worn.
Filters Size: 12 * 7.5 cm

One size fits all

PLEASE NOTE: Can only be used with the 2.5PM Facemask

100% poliéster
Lavar en máquina con agua fría, no usar lejía ni utilizar suavizantes, colgar para secar a la sombra, no planchar ni lavar en seco.
Las prendas AVIRO no son un reemplazo para el equipo de protección de grado médico, y no deben usarse en lugar de otras medidas recomendadas para inhibir la propagación de COVID-19. Siga las pautas del gobierno y del Ministerio de Salud, practique el distanciamiento social, el lavado de manos, evite tocarse la cara y siga las instrucciones para quedarse en casa.