White long sleeve shirt made of lightweight breathable fabric, wearable while exercising, at work or on your day-to-day errands.
Men's white long sleeve T-shirt with antimicrobial fabric protection. Lightweight and great for any season.
Smart casual men's white long sleeve shirt, lightweight and breathable designed for everyday wear.
 AVIRO garment, men's long sleeve white t-shirt with antimicrobial properties to protect you from airborne viruses that might land on textile surfaces.
Men's blue long sleeve T-shirt. Antiviral and antibacterial fabric protection. Comfortable, stretch fit.
Blue long sleeve T-shirt for men. Breathable fabric that doesn't retain moisture. Antimicrobial garment protection.
Royal Blue AVIRO long sleeve men's shirt with antimicrobial properties and moisture-wicking technology for a comfortable everyday wear shirt.
Black  shirt with long sleeves. Men's polo with HeiQ Viroblock technology. A smart casual favourite.
Black  shirt with long sleeves. Men's polo with HeiQ Viroblock technology. A smart casual favourite.
Men's black shirt with long sleeves. HeiQ Viroblock antiviral and antibacterial fabric technology.
Men's black long sleeve shirt engineered with Swiss technology to provide protection from airborne viruses.
Black long sleeve AVIRO men's shirt, able to be dressed up or down, designed to go where you go: your workplace, the gym or the supermarket.
Men's light grey long sleeve tee is a great tee for exercise or casual.
Light grey tee designed in New Zealand and engineered with Swiss technology called HeiQ Viroblock is a great piece from AVIRO's collection.
AVIRO light grey tee is a breathable tee which is great for exercise as well as having antimicrobial and anti-bacterial features.
AVIRO anti-viral light grey long sleeve is a perfect tee for a brisk day available in Men's and Women's sizes.




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