HeiQ Viroblock手套-2包 – AVIRO
AVIRO anti-viral HeiQ black gloves, with silicon grip on the palm and touch screen sensitivity with index and thumb.
AVIRO masks can be worn up to 50 hours without being washed, these gloves are very durable and comfortable for long hours of wear.
Silicon grip is a a true favorite for gloves it offers great comfort and even has anti-viral fabric engineered on these gloves.
AVIRO website with the new anti-viral gloves from AVIRO are now available for purchase in array of sizes and colours.
Navy anti-viral gloves are a perfect travel essential which help reduce the germs and bacteria when handling objects.
Black AVIRO gloves are smart and comfy and offer a unique anti-viral purpose on the outer layer fabric of these gloves.
Close up detail shot of the silicon grip of these anti-viral masks engineered with HeiQ Viroblock.
Smart look on AVIRO's new anti-viral gloves with silicon grip and touch screen capabilities. when using a device.

HeiQ Viroblock手套-2包


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