Aviro可重复使用的口罩 – AVIRO
Royal Blue antimicrobial face-masks, designed to be worn the length of your working day.
Women's face mask in royal blue, engineered with HeiQ Viroblock providing antibacterial and antiviral protection.
AVIRO face masks are designed to be worn while exercising, working and in your day-to-day activities being moisture wicking, breathable and comfortable. Worn with a white women's long sleeve AVIRO t-shirt
Antiviral face mask in light grey, engineered with HeiQ Viroblock for added protection.
Navy antimicrobial face mask, engineered with Swiss technology paired with an AVIRO long sleeve white t-shirt providing a smart, professional outfit designed to be worn the length of your day.
Women's AVIRO Navy face mask pack of five, designed for your comfort and protection.
Women's Light Pink face mask, stylish professional comfortable face masks with antiviral protection to keep you safe from airborne viruses and pathogens that could land on textile surfaces.
Light Pink pack of 5 face masks paired with a long sleeve t-shirt for a professional, comfortable and breathable outfit.
Black Men's face mask engineered with HeiQ Viroblock, made out of lightweight yarns worn with a black long long sleeve AVIRO t-shirt.
Plain black face mask. Treated with advanced antimicrobial technology which reduces viral and bacterial activity on textiles.
Men's Royal Blue face mask engineered with HeiQ Viroblock technology providing antiviral and antibacterial protection. Paired with a mens long-sleeve t-shirt for smart casual comfortable business attire.
Royal Blue pack of 5 antimicrobial men's face masks. Comfortable and breathable, with moisture wicking technology.
Light Grey men's face mask designed to be worn exercising, at your workplace and wherever else your day may take you. Has antiviral and antibacterial properties that kill ariborne viruses that land on the surface of the mask.
Men's Light Grey face mask paired with a long-sleeve white AVIRO shirt for a professional, comfortable outfit that goes where you do.
Men's Navy face mask, made of breathable lightweight fabric engineered with HeiQ Viroblock for antiviral and antibacterial protection.
Pack of five Navy men's face masks. Reusable, washable antiviral masks designed to be worn the length of your working day. Paired here with a black long sleeve AVIRO shirt.


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