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White short sleeve polo. Women's short sleeve polo with breathable fabric that is moisture wicking for all day comfort.
Smart casual short sleeve polo. Women's white polo with stretch fabric. Garment is treated with HeiQ Viroblock.
Short sleeve women's white polo for a professional look that can be worn in a professional environment, while being active or as casual wear.
Antimicrobial women's short sleeve polo in white, knitted from high-quality yarns for breathability and comfort.
Women's black short sleeve polo shirt. Perfect combination of style, comfort and antimicrobial protection.
Classic, professional women's black polo, designed to be worn in your workplace, while being active or as casual wear. Engineered with HeiQ Viroblock for added protection from airborne viruses.
Plain black polo for women. This short sleeve polo has the perfect combination of comfort, style and antimicrobial protection
Women's black polo shirt. Fabric treated with HeiQ Viroblock for a strong antimicrobial defence against bacteria and viruses.
Short sleeve blue polo shirt for women. Comfortable and breathable shirt. Strong antimicrobial fabric protection.
Women’s blue short sleeve polo. A fresh take on a smart casual favourite with antiviral and antibacterial fabric protection.
Professional blue short sleeve women's polo, antimicrobial and moisture wicking technologies make this the perfect blend of comfort and protection.
Blue short-sleeve women's polo, designed to be worn in the workplace, while you're being active or as casual wear with your comfort and safety from airborne viruses in mind.
Light pink women's polo. Advanced antimicrobial protection to help reduce the spread of germs on garments.
Professional light pink polo, antimicrobial and moisture wicking technologies make this the perfect blend of comfort and protection.
Short sleeve, light pink women's polo engineered with HeiQ Viroblock providing antiviral and antibacterial protection.
Short sleeve polo for women in light pink. Fabric kills bacteria and helps reduce the spread of enveloped viruses.
AVIRO light grey polo for women's is a great golf polo or a smart look during the working days. These polos are offered in a wide range of colourways.
AVIRO latest colourway released light grey, it's offered in a polos and tees while stock lasts. AVIRO offers anti-viral features to clothing and face accessories.
AVIRO polos is engineered with HeiQ Viroblock which offers anti-viral features on the fabric.
AVIRO offers a wide range of styles and colours with anti-viral and anti-bacterial features engineered on the fabrics of these garments.


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